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Top Fashion Cities Around the World

A city is referred to as a fashion capital if it has a major impact on the fashion industry. The biggest fashion houses and the most famous designers will have stores, production houses, and ateliers in these cities. The city will also host fashion weeks and fashion shows, as well as exhibitions, award ceremonies, festivals, and trade shows for the industry.

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Top 10 Plastic-Free Household and Beauty Products

Eliminating all plastic use may feel overwhelming, but every small step you take in a new direction counts. Consider all the ways that you could go plastic-free at home and start with those that are simple, convenient switches. As you gain momentum, it will be easier to make more difficult changes. The health of our planet is worth the work.

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Are You Sure Your Shoes are the Right Size?

Wearing the correct shoe size is essential for foot comfort. Women often force their feet into ill-fitting footwear, either because they like the look of the shoe, or because they are unaware that their shoe size changes over time due to gravity and pressure, age, weight gain, and other factors.

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Follow Laundry Symbols to Extend the Life of Your Wardrobe

When you have been doing your laundry for decades, it is common to sometimes ignore the manufacturer’s care label on a new item of clothing and simply launder it the way you usually do. And perhaps, many of us are in the habit of doing our laundry the way we were taught by our mothers, grandmothers, or other parental figures.

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