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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Garment Bags

If you've ever wondered why you should use garment bags this article will help you understand their purpose. Read more to find out why are garment bags good for storing clothes.

beautiful woman sitting at the airport with a luggage

If you are an avid traveller, or simply own several, high-quality clothing pieces, garment bags are a must have.

Garment bags keep your valuable items protected better than anything else on the market. And, because garment bags are used for so many purposes, they come in a variety of different types, materials, and sizes.

But first, what is a garment bag? 

Garment bags are soft-sided bags made of a breathable and durable material. A garment bag is designed to keep formal attire, delicate items, and easily wrinkled pieces in pristine condition while being stored or during travel.

Why Use a Garment Bag?

Garment bags are surprisingly diverse. Some are made to keep pieces clean when being transported from the dry cleaners, while others are made to protect clothing during long flights.

Some bags store a single piece of clothing. And, other bags carry multiple suits or jackets. Longer garment bags are perfect for evening attire, while shorter bags are best for wool coats.

There are four primary reasons people use garment bags:

Protect Your Clothes

a woman in a linen dress walking through a lavender field

Sadly, there are many ways clothing can be damaged, and one of the most destructive is moths. Wool coats, silk shirts, linen dresses, suits, leather jackets, and other items made of natural fibers are very attractive to moths.

Exposing items to the elements by storing them directly in the sun or placing them in a damp basement can also cause damage.

Storing clothing in cotton garment bags is the ideal solution to keep them out of the sun, away from dust, and protected from moths.

Remember that only bags made of breathable materials, like cotton, are best for long-term storage. Plastic garment bags can rip, let in pests, and cause yellowing.

Hayden Hill garment bags preserve the beauty of your clothing. Our bags are made of 100% organic, soft cotton with a sheer, organza side panel so you can see your pieces while keeping them protected.

a Hayden Hill organic cotton garment storage bag
a Hayden Hill short Hanging Bag made from high-quality Certified Organic Cotton

Prevent Wrinkles

Delicate items require delicate care when storing and travelling.

Keeping pieces such as formal wear, suits, and silk items in garment bags helps them stay in ready-to-wear condition. Packing items properly will help clothing keep its shape and structure and avoid damage caused by rubbing against other pieces.

Travel Smart

Travel garment bags are made with flexible yet breathable material that is ideal for transporting delicate or easily wrinkled items. These bags are designed to bend without wrinkling or creasing the items inside.

A garment bag allows you to take delicate items on board the flight as your carry-on item as long as it is within the airline’s size limitations.

And, if you take extra care when packing your items, they will be ready to wear when you arrive at your destination.

Organise Your Closet

With a large wardrobe, the right products are key to maintaining an organised and beautiful closet. Garment bags are very helpful for keeping out-of-season or special occasion items organised.

an arrangement of clothing hanging  in garment bags

Many garment bags are deep enough to fit several pieces inside. You can group whole outfits, costumes, or like items such as jackets in the same bag.

And, if you are moving, garment bags keep clothing protected and organized during transport. You can rest assured knowing that your nicest pieces will arrive at your new home without any damage.


1. Why should I use garment bags?

A garment bag serves four primary purposes: protecting clothing from damage; preventing delicate items from getting wrinkled during transport; making travel with suits and dresses more convenient; and organising closets and storage space.

2. Is it good to keep clothes in a garment bag?

It is good to store clothing in a garment bag if the bag is designed for storage. Purchase high-quality garment bags that are made of breathable fabrics. These bags keep items out of the sun, away from dust, and protected from moths.

3. What can I use instead of a garment bag?

There are alternatives to garment bags, depending on your particular situation. If you’re traveling, you can use a duffel bag, but you risk wrinkling your clothing. To store clothing, another option is an airtight container. Never place clothing in dry cleaning bags, trash bags, or plastic garment bags for an extended period, as these can lock in moisture and cause discoloration on some fabrics.

a variety of clothing hanging on wooden hangers on a rail

With its versatility, a garment bag is one of the best products to have in your closet. Garment bags protect your clothing, prevent wrinkling, travel well, and organise your closet. And if you are looking for storage garment bags, we recommend Hayden Hill luxury garment protection.

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