7 Tips for Organising and Storing Your Handbags

Keeping bags protected while not in use is important. Your purses and handbags are an investment, one that you want to be able to enjoy for as long as possible. Learn how to store your purses and handbags here.

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Handbags are perfect for holding everything you need for the day, whether you are working, shopping, at the beach, or sightseeing.

You probably have a mixture of totes, clutches, wallets, and purses, all made from different fabrics and materials. So many different bags for many different occasions can be hard to keep organised.

How Can I Protect My Purses in Storage?

Keeping bags protected while not in use is important. Your purses and handbags are an investment, one that you want to be able to enjoy for as long as possible.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 tips for organising and storing your handbags to help them stay in pristine condition.

Tips for Storing Purses and Handbags

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1. Protect Your Purses with Dust Bags

Keep your purses looking brand new by placing them in dust bags. But before you make a purchase, keep in mind that plastic bags can damage some materials. The best dust bags are made of breathable fabric, such as soft cotton. Attach a tag with the purse’s description to the dust bag’s drawstrings or handles.

2. Place Your Handbags in Bins and Baskets

Containers come in a variety of materials, including wicker, fabric, and plastic. You can also find containers in different sizes, making them perfect for a single handbag or several smaller ones. Organise purses by colour, size, or shape, and then put those bins on a shelf, inside a closet, or even under the bed.

3. Hang Purses From Hooks

If you have blank wall space in your closet or have a room in need of wall décor, consider hanging your handbags on decorative wall hooks to create a unique art display.

Just make sure that each bag's strap is sturdy enough to support its weight, as some straps could stretch out. To prevent that, remove any heavy objects from the purse before hanging it.

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4. Put Slim Bags in Magazine or File Holders

If you have several slim bags or clutches, stack them vertically in a file or magazine holder. You can also use file organisers with horizontal shelves, as well as hat boxes, memory boxes, and accordion-style file folders.

Another alternative is to put smaller bags inside bigger totes, and then lay the tote flat. Everything will keep its shape while staying protected from dust and damage.

5. Utilise Vertical Bag Organisers

There are many over-the-door systems available that feature a long vertical row of multiple hooks or clips to secure bags. Some models have slots that let you insert the handbags into a soft pocket. Others let you file multiple handbags in each slot.

If you have a number of clutches or thinner wallets, consider using an over-the-door shoe organiser, as the pockets are the perfect size for keeping these accessories safe.

6. Separate Handbags with Shelf Dividers

Clear shelf dividers are perfect for handbags. You can buy narrow ones to keep your slim purses upright without needing support. Shelf dividers also help you display an entire handbag collection at once, or at least your favourites.

7. Keep Shape with Tissue Paper and Bag Shapers

To help your bags keep their shape while in storage, place packing paper, white tissue paper, pillow purse inserts, or shapers inside each bag.

Never use dyed tissue paper or newspaper. Both can bleed inks or dyes onto the fabric of your purse.


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1. What is the proper way to store handbags?

There are many ways to store handbags. You can hang purses on hooks, line them up on shelves, or put them in protective storage boxes and dust bags. Since most handbags are made with leather or other delicate fabrics, store them so the materials can breathe, and never in a plastic container.

2. Is it OK to store purses in plastic containers?

It is not recommended to store purses in plastic containers. Leather and other commonly used purse materials need to breathe. If a handbag cannot breathe, there is a chance of mould and mildew growth, as well as premature decomposition. Keep your bags safe by putting them in breathable dust bags.

3. How do you store purses so they keep their shape?

You can help purses keep their shape by placing packing paper, white tissue paper, pillow purse inserts, or shapers inside each bag.

4. How does Marie Kondo organise bags?

Marie Kondo has methods for tidying the inside of her bags, as well as keeping her collection of purses organised. First, she uses a bag organiser and small pouches inside her purse to keep all of her belongings in their proper place. Next, she has a designated area in her home where all handbags are stored. Assigning a specific location ensures she always knows where her purse, wallet, and other essential items can be found.

Kondo also recommends emptying out your handbags every single day, especially if you switch out purses often.

Every woman knows that accessories complete an outfit, which is probably why we own so many handbags.

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And, the best way to care for your handbag collection is to make sure that each item is properly stored and well organised. These tips will help you do just that so your favourite handbags will remain in mint condition for years to come.

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