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Powerful Clothes Moth Traps - 3 pack - Odourless and Non-Toxic

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Take care of the clothes you love with moth protection that works! Results guaranteed.

The Problem

Most moth-traps catch flying moths, but don’t stop the life-cycle which leads to on-going frustration and damaged clothing. If you find moth holes in your favourite cashmere, you need a product that is proven to work the first time.

The Solution

Hayden Hill’s moth traps work as wool moth traps attract sweater eating moths. Simple to use and highly effective with an impressive catch rate. We use proprietary German-engineered pheromones that attract moths before they lay eggs in your clothing.

The Look

Our traps are designed to look subtle and elegant in your closet, while still out-performing other traps on the market. Our traps are refillable, odour-free, and are made from natural, highly effective non-toxic products.

Will attract and catch male moths of the following types:

  • Webbing Clothes Moth, otherwise know as the Common Clothes Moth
  • Case Bearing Moth, otherwise know as the Case Making Moth
  • White Shouldered House Moth
  • Brown House Moth

  • 7.5 (19cm) x 4.5 (11.4cm) x 0.75 (2cm) inches
  • 3 month life span once activated
  • Quick & Simple to set-up
  • Integral Hanger - removable if not needed
  • Refillable

  • At Hayden Hill, we do things differently, which is why this product's life cycle is entirely carbon neutral
  • Reusable, and recyclable

Product Specifications

  • Includes three moth traps
  • Each trap lasts three months to stop the moth life cycle
  • These closet moth traps can be placed on shelves or hung in wardrobes using the removable hanger
  • Catches a broad range of Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths
  • Natural moth trap for clothes, non-toxic and safe to use in the home, around your precious clothing, children and pets
  • Our moth traps for clothes covers 3x the surface area of other moth traps
  • Entire Sticky Glue Strip of these sticky moth traps are saturated with natural moth attractant
  • This is a moth catcher trap, it will not attract other species
  • 1 Sticky Strip included with each sticky moth trap
  • Reusable/Refillable moth sticky traps
  • Pheromones Engineered in Germany exclusive to Hayden Hill. Proven to outperform all other moth traps in the market

Sustainable & Inspired

We believe in taking care of our environment by using certified organic cotton, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and ethical manufacturing practices. Through thoughtful production, supply chain, and transportation, we’ve been certified carbon neutral. Good for you, and good for the environment.

Hayden Hill's sustainability credential for 1% for the planet membership

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